H2o Parkour Team

H20 Parkour Team

This team was created by our vice-leader, Justin as the founder of it. Later Yushen was chosen to be the Leader of H2o, as co-founder. The final official date of birth for H2o is July 4th 2009.

Why is it name H2o?

The founder, Justin named it as H2o, a concept of training to be as smooth as fluid. You all recognized it as water, H2O. To different shape the names, the founder give a small "o" behind of "H2". Instead of H2O, it's H2o.

What is the concept of H2o?

After sometime, H2o settled with new members and learning the concept of being smooth as fluid and aim to keep the real concept of Raymond's and David Belle's PARKOUR! Some of us mistaken it as tricking or freerunning. Although many people mistaken it as stylish moves, we intended to explain what Parkour is.

Parkour or Freerunning?

We preferred Parkour as it's the originally of  The Art Of Movement. We intend to learn some freerunning moves or tricking. Not all moves are suitable for us, but we can change or modify the moves to suit our physical movements.

The current activeness of H2o?

Some SPM leavers have gone to colleges. Some have their busy life as well. Currently only three members are active but starting to slack as well. Usually twice or once a month. but trying hard to gather the other members to train. Still is advisable to train solo so we are able to keep up.

Sometimes, we join some events from PKMY to train together and learn more things. Even making some new friends. Depends on situation, we do freelancing around the places. Also do some scouting if needed to.

We even planning to do some videos as we are inspired. Mainly related to Parkour. Also motivate ourselves to do more if everything work out fine!

Members of H2o?

Different people, even different cultures. We currently officially have 12 members. Other beginners doesn't count as they rarely join the training together.  But not all are able to join the training as well, some have to go colleges and busy about it. Some even starting to lack interest. We are trying to find more members to participate and ensure everyone have the heart to learn it rather than playing. Well, we still got many challenges ahead so we won't just back down that way.



Co-founder and the leader of the H2o Parkour Team. Currently still a student which sitting for the SPM examination in November.


Founder and the vice leader of the H2o Parkour Team. Currently studying a college in Melaka.
A traceurs in Melaka.


Photographer of the H2o Parkour Team. Currently still a student which sitting for the SPM examination in November. Always ensure that this H2o site is updated instead of outdated. Edit videos and pictures for H2o Parkour Team.


One of the active member in H2o Parkour Team. Currently also sitting for the SPM examination in November. Lack of confidence but seeking for improvements. Known as "Saint Knight" as he always wears white clothing  from top to below.


 - William Wong
 - Samson
 - Zade Lim
 - Ivan Chow
 - Kuga
 - Keat Leong
 - Ong Yi
 - Chee Keat

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