H2o Parkour Team
Well, since Wen's camera is having problems for the moment, we currently can't update any photos of our latest activity.... But no worries, he'll have it up and running for a short while!

About the stamina training we're having now, we'll give a better description with the photos along...

Rock on guys!!

Guys i am so sorry that i have been slacking alot! I have my reasons, I need to work and I need to get my license...
Im really sorry guys!!

My digital camera suddenly going crazy for some reason. It also operate it's own. Like I wanted to set no flash but it on flash itself. I view the pictures I snapped but it view itself instead. To repair need RM100+ or RM200+. Quite expensive. Worst is is my aunt's camera. My camera may not be used until it been repair. Now pictures will be snap with Justin's camera. Tomorrow we will be parkour training. Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen
Since I had voice out about creating a new logo or whatever design for H2o,Justin gave me the authority to work on it.I will sketch an illustration of the design and show it to our leader,vice leader and wen.We will discuss this when we are free to meet-up.(seems like we don't have much time as 2010 has arrived......)

Although it's not 1000 people watch, but we reached 1000 views. I realised that 100+ viewers will come to our site after a event or a jam. Thanks for your coming and have a look even there's no updates.

 - Wen
A new year, a new journey, a new adventurous life! Happy 2010 year to every trauceus and freerunners!

 - Wen