H2o Parkour Team
H2o with L2R posing!
After a few weeks slacking, we finally found a date to train again and meet up with Live 2 Run! Though we met before now in a proper way. Justin didn't come. So which left Desmond, Yushen and me going there. Having some nice time conditioning with them. We meet in Bukit Jalil where there's a park which got lots of playground stuffs for us to train.

Finally my camera was repaired and work well! Quite tiring but nice meeting them. I shouldn't have wear black due to the hot sun! Meet in 8am, leaved in 11am. Hope we can meet them again with our full H2o member together again! Thanks for checking up. Pictures updated.

 - Wen
Chinese New Year to everybody here! Yay! And also Happy Valentines!

H2o are slacking now, but we'll be active after the March Exam which is after the CNY! Best wishes from me to YOU!

It's a very good day that day! Erm.... I dunno what to say next... Oh yeah, finally, I met Ben in person. He's a good looking chuck, and a muscular one, too! Me and Desmond are the only guys to go there... Since Justin had a little bit of accident a day before D-Day....

We also met some of the guys from OGL (One Giant Leap) which is Matthew, and some others I cannot remember whom...(Sorry dudes!)

Hope to see you guys again at the next jam!!
(No pics AGAIN)