H2o Parkour Team
Today Yushen, Desmond and I having a parkour session with Afiz in Bukit Jalil near-by park. Though not much people but we got to introduced ourselves and giving some opinions on some of the skills. Never thought he is that experienced though his age is lower than us.

Not much, we met in 9am something and gone home in the same train around 11am. Training Pictures updated and thanks for coming by.

 - Wen
Things seriously went south today. Yushen and I went to Palm Walk,wen could not come,but yushen told me that kelly and jack(chin kiat) will be coming.When we arrived,we went to our so-called pondok to wait for the other 2.Unfortunetely,they FFK-ed without informing us and what's more? The weather wasn't on our side,we didn't even stretch ourselves....... Kelly....Jack......The next time the both of u cnt come,inform us so that we don't hv to wait for u.  DISIPLINE

 - Desmond
DATE: 15 & 16/5/2010