H2o Parkour Team
i got a gift of a digital camera, so it means I can continue update with PICTURES! And do some videos. Hand itchy as well! LoL! Just got it yesterday night. And compare to my previous one, it a lot better. Now I can resume my place of photographer in this H2o Pakour Team! Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen
Uploaded the Hari Belia in our Youtube channel. Go watch it!
Should have update this a long time but lazy to. LoL! Anyway, hope you enjoy it! Thanks for viewing.
View it in our Event's video section!

 - Wen
I don't know what's more. Team is slacking, not much activities or training. Even the camera missing as well. I went to a trip and realized the camera gone when reached home last night. A 'doom' day for photographer I believe. I mean, it's felt bad to lose one, but worse it isn't mine and all the pictures I took is all gone. Perhaps it's just my careless mistake.

Which means H2o's photographer is useless for time being. No pictures will be updated. Hell if I know when I'm going to get a new one or worse I will have to buy one myself. Dang! I'm now messed up. Is not about me, what about this team's sake. My project as well.

A non-related topic, our vice leader, Justin went to Melaka for further studies, so it will be a long time we get to meet again. Take care! And William finally contact us he got some time so might as well gather but no camera. Wait, I can lend someone's or might end up losing it too. Or rather, I will use team's handphone camera which might be crappy.

That's all for now. Thanks for visiting the page. Sorry to disappoint as well.

 - Wen