H2o Parkour Team
Is a day where members of H2o should gather up. But the early morning, we would have know that this Anniversary was failed. Still can't blame some of them since they got their personal lives. As usual, Yushen, Desmond and me went back to our old training ground and doing some warm ups. Later on we move to our current training ground, Palm Walk.

Still, none of us has the mood to go on and starting to slack. Even the Founder of H2o Parkour Team didn't attend. But talking about video project, we back to mood and kept discussing about it. Yea, we are working on another short video. After sometime, we went for breakfast and Yushen went home earlier than ever as Desmond and I went to Cyber Cafe and play our favourite multiplayer game, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare.

After time's up, we ran home as the rain starting to fall. Worst that I have to wait in the bus stop for the heavy rain to stop. What an Anniversary day I had! After 45 minutes, I cycled as fast as I can. And later on working on our video of the Anniversary. Not much though.

View About Us to know about H2o Parkour Team. Event picture and video will be update later.

 - Wen
July 4th, which means is our H2o Parkour Team first Anniversary! After one year long, we still made it without falling apart which we kinda lack. I'm glad we still active, at least. This day indeed is special for H2o's members. Though some of us can't be joining us later for the celebrating. Hope they still remember this team. Doubt they do.

We can't make it without some of the trauceurs out there, and our friends and family too. Header, pictures and video will be update later. Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen