H2o Parkour Team
Our H2o Team finally will be having our very own hoodie! Black and white with red logo which is jut beside this post. Not every member buy for some reasons. The hoodie will be ready this two weeks! We all are looking forward to it!

 - Wen




Team H2o is now in a slacking season. We will start parkour when the form 4 final year examination finishes.
ThenYushen will train you guys and i will slack till my SPM finishes~

So as usual in Friday, we were going for parkour training or rather doing Justin's scene. But not all things go as our way. Teck Chuan wasn't able to attend. But a new guy came and prepare to explore H2o Team's wildness. We went to Palm Walk  train and a great place too. We will wait for one more member to join in too.

 - Wen
Today, we are doing my set(Justin) But when we were there, it was drizzling a little.
Wen said he was hungry then we went to have our lunch before my set started and the rain to stop,
when we finish eating our chicken rice, here comes Teck Chuan with his camcorder,
We started filming like for 10 mins then the rain started very heavily....

But not to worry, Tomorrow is going to be the day that i will complete my set. And most important, There are 2 new members joining us tomorrow~

 - Justin
Sorry guys, due to some error and moodless, the TVP will be delayed. We will be continue once we got time. We need some time too study because exams are just around the corner. We will finished as soon as possible and keep come back for updates. Thanks.

 - Wen
Team Video Promo is coming soon! 3 more intro and few days editing videos will be completing our very own video. We will be filming all in one day because we don't have much time for us to do in school days. Everyone, please cooperate! No fooling around!

Events/Campaigns Pictures updated, go take a look.

 - Wen
Tomorrow would be a Very nice day for us H2o team....
We would make a project that would be called Escaping To Freedom~
Stay in tag for updates....
We asked the headmistress permission to film in the school area, and she agreed on one condition: to wear our school uniforms or school's PJK uniform. Ok, agreed. So we'll start filming by tomorrow form morning till evening. Guys, get more sleep and get ready to be on cam! 
Yushen have been searching some cool and nice videos at Youtube. Well, that's what he will do when he finding something. So he come to a very memoriable video. It'a very nice video too. Thinking that it nice to watch, I'll post it here to let the others who interested. And it's kinda like a half an hour show, and it's worth your time!

Live 2 Run's vice contacted me a few days ago, and it's quite nice to meet another team! He wanted us to meet-up for a training session, so for more info contact me! They have a website, so click here to visit their website!