H2o Parkour Team
Well, it isn't us dominated the place, it's dominating by publicity. Our usual training ground, Palm Walk having more and more people staying in and lot's of building being renovated. And lots of people woke up early and exercise around the park and vault bar. It's sometime difficult to train in front of them.

Well, at least we still go on our short practice. We may be will start train every Saturday for one month period  untill SPM arrives! Also we'll need new training ground and go scouting. It's hard to find some place which suitable to Parkour. Updated Training's Picture section, and thanks for read.

 - Wen
Few days ago, Ivan decided to interview our H2o Leader, Yushen for his project or Morning Journal news. It was meant to be face to face interview but via MSN. It was creative too. Though not all of his information about us is accurate but we decided to keep it this way as a respect to his Journal report. Click each of the pictures to read.
1) H2o is one of the many emerging parkour group in suburban of Kuala Lumpur. It's suppose to be Kajang.
2) Founder of the H2o Yushen. Yushen is co-founder, Justin is the founder of H2o Parkour Team.
3) Yushen and his friends train twice a week in Cyberjaya. I'm guessing Ivan mistaken. We are kinda of slacking, and the place is should be Putrajaya.

That's all for right now. It would be glad if this is face to face interview so that no mistakes were made. This upcoming Saturday which we will train in Palm Walk again. Hope it turns out good because usually we ended up talking instead of training. Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen