H2o Parkour Team
Alright, we been busying until we forgoten our video project. So we are hosting it again in this Deember 9th. H2o's members who are related will have to attend. For those who interested, you can come along and train parkour too. We'll finish the video project asap before next year. Any question, please comment. Thanks.

 - Wen
This morning we just has our training again, What surprise me is there's some new members. May be I don't know yet. It's a day we H2o member should be gathering all together but a few not attended. We started around 7pm and ended in 10am something. Quite tiring since we didn't train for few weeks. As always, we train and even climb up the hill as usual whenever we at Palm Walk. Go in to Training Pictures session for some updates.

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 - Wen
I just got mine today at Justin house. So excited to try it out. After reached home, I wear on it and surprised it's quite BIG size! Well, I prefer it is this big. I gonna wear it for few more years. Desmond think it as a long pajamas, Yushen think it too BIG for his slim body. The hoodie itself not bad. But I felt it was too plain. But it already cost us RM45 each.

Check my blog for updates.

 - Wen

I just got this information after receiving Justin's message! i was just about to write something here but just checked the message. Hoodies had arrived at Justin's house. I will be picking up those hoodies tomorrow. I'm so wanna try on it now!

There won't be much update now. Everyone has their busy life, examing and working. I'm the only one staying at home boringly. But do come back for some updates. Thanks.


So Form 4 finals are officially over at this very day, practices will go on WITHOUT me. I've got a job to do in the holidays, so to Desmond and other members, please do conditioning without me.... And to SPM-ers, you have a helluva day to revise, so do your best there!

To L2R: We only can meet at mid-Dec, so be patient until that day lah! And don't worry, although I have a part-time job, I will meet with you guys too, my promise from me to you guys!

 - Yushen