H2o Parkour Team
I just finished upload it. I spent stay up in late night trying to finish the video and upload it to Youtube. Justin had gone to Penang for few days. School is coming! So, H2o site will start to slack after few weeks or months. They will be less training since is our turn to take SPM now. And hopefully everything turn out good! Thanks for veiwing.

Click each link to see our new videos.
H2o - PKMY Annual Jam 2009
H20 - Rise To Set (TVP)

 - Wen
We finally able to finish it before 2010. As promised we'll upload it in our new H2o account in Youtube. I was able to finish edit it in one day. So was the Annual Jam. After the TVP's upload, we'll upload the Annual Jam video sooner or later. That's all for now and Happy New Year! Thanks for viewing!
We decided to create one. We got videos and we don't want our videos to be upload by separate users. So we just make one. We intended to create before but due to lacking videos, skills and disagreement from Leader. Now we will start upload it with TVP. TVP will be held tomorrow and hope everything turns out fine! Thanks for vewing.

Here's the link to our Youtube account.
It's awesome we got to go there! What cool we met some other teams from other places. They are 70+ trauceurs and freerunners attend, more then OGL event. We quite enjoy ourselves there and definitely learn many tricks and ways of training. What's more giving us a whole new experiences and more inspiration! It's very tiresome yet it's adventurous and great event! Pictures in Events/Campaigns updated! Videos in progress. I thank PKMY for this great event! And Putrajaya definitely a place to Parkour!

TVP videos will be finished in this week. No more waiting. We will try our best to finish it as fast as we can. That's all for now, really almost drop from the chair. Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen
Annual Jam is held tomorrow. There will be extreme training and parkour for us since we seldom train more then 3 or 4 hours. 6 members confirm going to there. Leader, vice, photographer, Desmond, Ivan and Samson. We will be gather in Yushen's house and head to KTM. That's so far I know. We will wear H2o hoodie tomorrow. Hope we get the chance to meet other nice trauceus/trauceusus, especially Live 2 Run! Meet you all tomorrow.

 - Wen
25th December marks the birth of Christ, and our vice, Justin! To every readers, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

Justin: No gifts for today because you're so naughty this year!XD (Nah kidding....)

 - Yushen
No offence, but we may cancel or will continue the TVP. One problem caused all the event. Not just wasting time but making others mad. So we may carry it on or just abandoned it. Thanks for viewing. Training Pictures Section updated as usual.

 - Wen
Today, Desmond took Yushen and I to Mid Valley's Educational Fair. Instead at there seeing what University or College we want to join after our next year SPM, we wondering around like Freelancer. We tried the PS3 game of Assassin Creed II. Totally a freerunning/Parkour game. And also we have a look of the new mall in Mid Valley, The Gardens.  We pkr there for alwhile. Very tiring but fun indeed. Training Pictures updated.

 - Wen
To celebrate the return of leader, Yushen. We having a gathering parkour training. Instead end up only 4 traceus attend including me. So we went to Palm Walk and train there as usual. Mostly just for 2 hours. Mianly we train for 3 hours or more due to rushing time for Desmond. We later have breakfast and having some lan Games for half hours. And we all went home. Thanks for viewing, updated some pictures, and time table.

 - Wen
Our leader, Yushen is back from Perak. I got this news yesterday. But didn't post it here yet. We are gonna pakour training this Saturday. Either we parkour in our usual place or in Taman Paramount held by PKMY. We haven't comfirm yet. Justin is working with the transportation. Hope we do our best. Thanks for viewing.

 - Wen