H2o Parkour Team
Annual Jam is held tomorrow. There will be extreme training and parkour for us since we seldom train more then 3 or 4 hours. 6 members confirm going to there. Leader, vice, photographer, Desmond, Ivan and Samson. We will be gather in Yushen's house and head to KTM. That's so far I know. We will wear H2o hoodie tomorrow. Hope we get the chance to meet other nice trauceus/trauceusus, especially Live 2 Run! Meet you all tomorrow.

 - Wen

12/26/2009 05:50

HEY DO U ALL KNOW THE LOCATION CHANGED TO PUTRAJAYA!? CHEcK PKMY FORUMS! Meet ya all tomoroow! We all live 2 run only 3 people coming :)

12/26/2009 13:04

Wo00ot!! is oni a few hour left!!!
post this for fun~too excited,
we will meet before u can even see this post!! XD

12/27/2009 06:27

Yup, we know it changed. And nice meeting you all. Have fun.

03/02/2011 05:20

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