H2o Parkour Team
So Form 4 finals are officially over at this very day, practices will go on WITHOUT me. I've got a job to do in the holidays, so to Desmond and other members, please do conditioning without me.... And to SPM-ers, you have a helluva day to revise, so do your best there!

To L2R: We only can meet at mid-Dec, so be patient until that day lah! And don't worry, although I have a part-time job, I will meet with you guys too, my promise from me to you guys!

 - Yushen

11/12/2009 08:29

Aiyo, you don't to say we slackers. We all know you pro. XD

11/12/2009 14:39

T.T..... The slackers including me lah dude XD

11/19/2009 00:18

Yaya.... agree~

12/07/2009 05:18

Only can meet me on annual jam. T_T


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