H2o Parkour Team
Some of the H2o members attended the Hari Belia in 15th and 16th May 2010, which mean Youth day. Though I missed the first day but I attended on the next day. Seriously there were so many activities around there in Putrajaya. I hope the other of our members came. We got many like marathon, cars, motorcycle, parachute, cheerleader and of course not but least, PARKOUR!

Yushen was chosen as the performance at there. Desmond, Yushen and I were the earliest that day and was waiting everyone. Tired and rest awhile too. We even sponsored free foods and drinks. And it's very hot like hell during our training.

Around 3pm, we started our workshop and teached some guys how to parkour and more. I was impressed with them since it's their first time but they doing it pretty well! Later we went home in 4pm since we wanted to go home early but got stuck in the KTM and buses. It's fun but tire at the same time. Thanks for viewing and sorry for the late updates, as usual Pictures uploaded in Events/Campaigns!

 - Wen

wiiliam wong
06/05/2010 22:32

hi guess now is you all school holiday i would like to meet our group man i miss u guy let's make a date to go out traning together like we before did man yushen make a date for use man H2O is the great one amazing team in my whole life.miss u guys

06/13/2010 03:07

William, how you been? Long time no see. This week we may meet up. Which day you free? Contact us.

06/14/2010 05:55

I dunno what kind of crappy english is that =.=

06/14/2010 05:57

Use full stop la next time or I cannot read at all =P

01/04/2011 17:04

Happy new year


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