H2o Parkour Team
We decided to create one. We got videos and we don't want our videos to be upload by separate users. So we just make one. We intended to create before but due to lacking videos, skills and disagreement from Leader. Now we will start upload it with TVP. TVP will be held tomorrow and hope everything turns out fine! Thanks for vewing.

Here's the link to our Youtube account.

12/28/2009 12:48

i think we shud cr8 1 too, cuz some vids upload by me some upload by max.
btw can i take some picture from the event?

12/28/2009 19:12

is the annual jam video finish yet? i cant wait to see it!

12/29/2009 07:13

You can take some of the pics but not miss use it. I just finished the Annual Jam video. May be tomorrow upload or after TVP.

07/10/2012 17:23

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07/10/2012 17:26

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