H2o Parkour Team
On November 19th 2010 where some members returned to re-train and gathering I supposed. It all happened suddenly, leader sent messages to me and Desmond which yet not knowing them would coming and Parkour together. After all it's a good thing they still coming back, for not long. Yushen which leading and re-teach them the basics. There's a new guy, Vincent which came along with Samson, Ong Yi and Justin. He is good, a few seconds witnessing Yushen climbing up the pole which probably he is the only currently can do it, but yet Vincent climbed up easily. He learns very fast too. I guess he is one of those who have natural bodies for Parkour? Samson achieved his roll with some style of his, rolling and sliding on the ground. He named it "Land Yeng"

Now, we won't be seen near in Palm Walk anymore. A security guard on a bike asked us to leave. He said it's only for residence at here. Alright, we'll leave and respect the authority. I just hope we can do more on that playground more. Lastly before we leave, we climbed the usual mountain for the last time. Possibility we may not going that place again so why not? And I just climbed up there with slippers. Yeah.

After that he went to a near-by "wooden house" and ate our breakfast. Later that, we go for gaming and 2 hours later we called it a day. Well, now it's time for the Form 5 students Malaysian have their big exams! Like tomorrow! Good lucks to all SPM takers! Thanks for viewing. Updated Training Pictures Section! Videos will be updated after some weeks.

Edited on Friday, December 10th 2010, 5:27pm.
Training Video section updated! Have a look on the new video, Palm Walk.

 - Wen

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