H2o Parkour Team
On 6+am, I believe most traceurs and freerunners have already wake up and getting ready for this day, the Annual Year End Jam! And this time, we have someone to drive us there instead using the public transportation. It's was a great and we had learned many things. I guess the mini workshop is good. Great for beginners to learn basics moves and skills. Qayyim and Cat guided us and tought some conditioning. Before moving to advance, we should always train the basics first, master it will be our target now.

Around 1pm, we had our break and went for lunch together. After that, we left early due to duty calls. LoL! And we went home straight after having our lunch although we lost on some place but managed to go to the highway. We were tired but it's a great jam! We hope to see everyone again in the next jam! Now our bodies will be suffer the aftermath training's side effects! Peace~

 - Wen

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