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Now lots of people have been misunderstood the real meaning of Parkour. Some of them think that learning parkour just to show off. Some of them even think that learning parkour is to be the best. Well do you really know what's your real intention and purpose of parkouring. You have to take the risk. You will bleed, cry, sweat like never before. I'm sure some of us had knew it from the very beginning. I admit I once thought that learning parkour just to be cool. But thinking it over and over again, it's not what you think it is.

Parkour is methodical, progressive and continuous action. From childhood to adulthood, that has as its objective: assuring integrated physical development; increasing organic resistances; emphasizing aptitudes across all genres of natural exercise and indispensable utilities (walking, running, jumping, quadrupedal movement, climbing, equilibrium (balancing), throwing, lifting, defending and swimming. Developing one's energy and all other facets of action or virility such that all assets, both physical and virile, are mastered, one dominant moral idea, altruism.
By Georges Hébert.

Parkour is an urban sport and as a traceur (people practicing this discipline) you focus on moving from point a to point b as fast, smoothly and efficiently as possible. You are using the abilities of your body to surpass any obstacle in your surrounding whereby you are given complete freedom, physically and mentally.
By trauceus.

My thoughts about parkour is like a sport or gym. If I really skilled in parkour, I able to run, escape or even rescuing someone from a dangerous situation. I can avoid from those incidents and try to fight back with those bad guys out there. LoL!

Let's keep the real concept of it. Respect Raymond and David Belle's parkour concept. And free running has nothing to do with parkour. Remember that.

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