H2o Parkour Team
Things seriously went south today. Yushen and I went to Palm Walk,wen could not come,but yushen told me that kelly and jack(chin kiat) will be coming.When we arrived,we went to our so-called pondok to wait for the other 2.Unfortunetely,they FFK-ed without informing us and what's more? The weather wasn't on our side,we didn't even stretch ourselves....... Kelly....Jack......The next time the both of u cnt come,inform us so that we don't hv to wait for u.  DISIPLINE

 - Desmond

04/13/2010 21:31

Hmmm.... looks like i got to train up for may!

04/23/2010 05:09

LoL! I saw the sky was black so knowing it's gonna rain. But having my stomach ache too so decided not to go either.


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