H2o Parkour Team

PKMY Annual Year End Jam 2010

Once again, H2o Parkour Team attended PKMY's Annual Year End Jam 2010! PKMY also host a mini workshop for those beginners to train those basic skills and moves. Main things is to master the basics before moving to advance. Of course one day isn't enough, make sure you do conditioning everyday. Thanks to Qayyim, Cat and the others for teaching us some valuable things.

Didn't have much photos to show, this time is more recording than snapping photos. Hope you don't mind.

PKMY Annual Year End Jam 2009

H2o having some nice training section with the other trauceus and freerunners. More inspired and learn much things. PKMY's Annual Jam succeed more then OGL event. Great to meet the other teams too. Got tons of pictures and video coming soon! Thanks for viewing.

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